New York, New York
July 2014 by Mindy Leaf
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Internationally acclaimed fine-art photographer Michael Joseph’s meteoric rise from humble street cameraman to award-winning artist is an inspiring success story best told in his own voice. Joseph’s keen eye for architectural composition and the beauty to be found within the hard edges of today’s urban landscape led him on a 15-year mission to photograph key metropolitan centers – both at home and abroad. He is a self-taught virtuoso with a 35mm camera. Many of his powerful black-and-white cityscapes now hang in important private, public, and museum collections.

Seeing The World In Black & White
February 2011 by Candice Russell
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Familiar landmarks take on fresh meaning when they are captured by the lens of photographer extraordinaire Michael Joseph. He hangs from buildings and freeways, hunkers down low and shoots up, even risking life and limb to get the image he sees through the viewfinder of his favorite Canon EOS-3 35-millimeter film camera. The results are always worth the extreme efforts he takes – masterful imagery in stunning black and white that makes the viewer see and think about places differently. Indeed, an extraordinary view of the ordinary!

Arts & Entertainment
March 2009 by Todd McFlicker
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Artists Haven Gallery located in Fort Lauderdale, FL was established in March 2005 by Michael & Elaine Joseph seeking to promote his fine art photography as well as the work of other artists. The gallery is an ideal resource for collectors, interior designers and museums. The establishment has been offering modern and contemporary works of reputable and emerging artists’ paintings, photos, sculptures and prints for two years. Artists Haven is a place of art offering favorable opportunities and conditions to evoke comfort with collectors.

What Are Fort Lauderdale Residents Passionate About?
February 2009 by Lynn Peithman Stock
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We’re all passionate about something. Perhaps it’s as grand as going green and forgoing the use of fossil fuel or as simple as a cup of java first thing in the morning. Some stoke their passion for a hobby, or for helping others or for a family. Here, meet four Fort Lauderdale residents who share their passions, including the critically acclaimed photographer and gallery owner Michael Joseph. The Fort Lauderdale photographer is known for his striking black and white images of structures, geometries and architecture.

Today’s Top Artists To Watch
July 2008 by Jennifer Dulin Wiley
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Michael Joseph urban cityscapes and cutting edge architectural designs influence the black-and-white photography of this artist to watch. Michael Joseph’s unique photographic approach spotlights a juxtaposition of elements to create cityscapes with dramatic contrast sharpened by acute detail and clarity. The artist attempts to capture his subjects from a never-before-seen perspective. Art Business News is honored to recognize the burgeoning talents in our industry who are fully expected to grow and flourish in the coming years. I expect nothing less than great things from each of these artists.

Home Runs – Beauty in Black And White
October 2007 by Jillian Mills
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The face of South Florida is constantly changing. In fact, that we wish we had an entire issue to dedicate to the plethora of new condos, design stores and restaurants popping up all over its landscape. While many impulsive developers and store owners seem to frequently swing and miss with these fledging ventures, we decided to dedicate a special section to those who didn’t. The Michael Joseph Photography Gallery abounds with black and white photos cityscapes, abstracts and scenic photography taken by Joseph himself.

Revival Of The South Florida Art Scene
November 2005   by Bernard McCormick
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Fabulous furnishings, artsy environment, and a showcase of showrooms – a neglected South Florida treasure is redefined. The once popular design district has again begun to blossom. The revitalized neighborhood is attracting new businesses, galleries, and designers. It is receiving the attention that made South Florida explode into a Mecca for the worlds popular and trendy. Michael Joseph has photographed every major metropolitan city during his travels throughout the United States as well as a number of major international cities.

Webwatch Agenda
October 2004 by Tracy Hallett
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In this month’s issue, we feature and rate several websites worth taking notice of, including that of Fort Lauderdale photographer Michael Joseph. Michael has so many well observed and original images that remind me of the wonderful and playful photography of Walker Evans. In just five years in his chosen profession, Joseph has developed a vision and a philosophy to capture an extraordinary view of the ordinary. He sees something obtrusive and presents it so that it’s soft, subtle and palatable to the eye.

The Black & White Enthusiast
Photographic Project: New York, New York
March 2004 by David Bigwood
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Michael Joseph writes about his photography of the Big Apple. The six page commentary takes us through a single day in the life of a street photographer as he journeys through the metropolis. He explains his casual approach to his work, the equipment, style, and technique he uses. He also shares his in depth experience and knowledge of shooting 35mm film photography. The end result produces some very awe-inspiring images and he tells us how they made their way into art galleries, important collections, and for publishing opportunities

ABC Of Collecting
June 2002   by Henry Rasmussen
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For the devotee of fine art black and white photography, no experience of the medium, whether through books, graphic reproduction or even gallery exhibitions, can surpass the feeling of communication and aesthetic resonance that comes from owning a collection of original photographic prints. In the spotlight this month is the photography of Michael Joseph. It is with great pleasure that I speak about his provocative, creative, artistic photography. It is always exciting to see an artist stretch to redefine new concepts that involve the viewer in the process.

Encore Awards
April 2001 by Cindy Stoddart
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Renowned contemporary photographer, Michael Joseph, has donated an original photographic artwork to present to this year’s honorees of the 12th Annual Encore Awards. The Encore Awards are an opportunity for the local arts and cultural community to honor those individuals, businesses and volunteers whose support and contributions have helped them attain a new level of achievement in the arts. Joseph’s work is a perfect match for the Encore Awards and we feel very fortunate to have him share his talent with us.