Michael Joseph
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Michael JosephMichael Joseph is a self-taught artist, born in Methuen, Massachusetts, June 12 1962. He uses the traditional medium of 35mm Black & White film photography to present a unique prospective. His objective skill and subjective vision are inherently evident. The artist’s interpretations of architecture and isolated objects render compelling thrusts and counter-thrusts, sharp focus and detail, and dramatic contrast. The subjects are attuned to a unique perspective in which they lose any sense of function, and become monumental forms.

My passion for photography began as a child while I watched my father magically make images appear before my eyes with his Polaroid camera. I was intrigued, and the impressionistic act exemplified creativity, wonderment, and the joy of discovery. Today I use 35mm photography to present my own extraordinary view of the ordinary, and desire to bring a moving experience to the viewer of my images. My approach is similar to that of a painter or sculptor, in striving for composition and aesthetic vision.

The art of photography is the medium of the moment. Seemingly as spontaneous as a snapshot, the image does not emerge mechanically from the camera, but stylistically from the mind of the artist. The process of photographing an object, not the object’s innate value, makes it worthy of attention. The photograph plays with illusion, alluding to the true nature, and character of the subject.

I enjoy traveling and making photographs, they naturally come together and there seems to be a heightened sense of awareness when combined. I’m innately attracted to metropolitan cityscapes and structures. I see them as modern marvels. I’m also deeply fascinated with science and astronomy. When making a photograph, I am actually seeking a new dimension that is inherent by light and shadow – time and space; it is an instantaneous event that occurs unknowing to the architects, planners, and builders.

Once in a while, someone comes along to change your perspective on life, and shows you that today is magical, there is a whole world out there to explore, and anything may occur. A moment in time when we realize there are truth, beauty and knowledge in everyday experience. I believe there is a place that exists within us all. It is a place of vision and clarity, where life moves in agreement with a higher consciousness.